Have you ever considered the problems faced by a hen who marries a parrot? No? Not to worry!  Jane Stratten has.  Get all the details in her song "Get That Big Beak Out of My Face."

Maybe you've wondered what makes a tree grouchy.  (Don't we all?)  Jane knows and she has just the solution in her song "Happy Little Tree."

Maybe you really have wondered if there is an entertainer who can captivate children of all ages, delighting and teaching them at the same time.  Maybe you wonder if the messages all parents want their children to hear- messages of tolerance and respect and optimism and self-acceptance and caring for others- will reach them or be drowned out in the din of competing messages.

Jane Stratten is that entertainer, and she knows the key to connecting with children: make it fun!  For over twenty years, Jane has been inviting the children of South Florida, and now Greater New York, into her enchanted world, a world populated by singing puppets with quirky senses of humor.  

And for over twenty years those children have responded with excitement and affection.  "Mesmerizing" is the word one Boston area newspaper used to describe Jane's show when she did a summer tour of New England.


Jane Stratten Munstedt is a graduate of Syracuse University and an accomplished musician who has performed as a cabaret singer and band leader.  Her bands Moxie and Sweet Apple performed nationwide and have opened for acts including Richie Havens and the Pointer Sisters.  Moxie in particular had a huge following in Boston and all over New England (the best fans!).

Jane is thrilled to often perform with her musical daughters Merissa Morin and Chloe Morin in Penny and the Puppettes!

Check out Jane's critically acclaimed debut album:  Uh Oh, There's Something Underneath My Bed