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A one year old meeting Olympia Octopus

A one year old meeting Olympia Octopus

The secret to Jane's success with keeping kids (and their parents!) enthusiastically engaged during her entire show is to change it up!  

  • Leon the Lion learns how to make friends

  • Tony the Grouchy Trash Tree engages the kids' help to transform him into his beautiful Orange Tree Self

  • Chi Chi the feisty little green monster learns how to share

  • And many many more!! (customized and age-appropriate for each show)


FOR GROUPS OF CHILDREN AGES 1-2:  shows include lots of hands-on interaction with the puppets, movement, and rhythm.

FOR GROUPS OF CHILDREN AGES 3-5:  shows incorporate more humor, interactive activities, and dancing. 

FOR GROUPS OF CHILDREN AGES 5-10:  shows include wackier characters, helping puppet friends with problem-solving, and the tricky, high-energy, Count to Ten Freeze Dance

FOR GROUPS OF ALL AGES:  shows include a combination of the above!

Package Options

Listed below are the three available options, ranging from a 30 to 50 minute show:

1. Classic Show   2. Circle Show   3. Smaller Circle Show

A seasoned professional, Jane works with you to plan the best show for your individual needs.  She takes everything into consideration-- location size, age range of children, group size, etc.-- to customize a show just for you.  Jane always tries to accommodate any special requests or requirements when possible.



[Festivals, Schools, Libraries, Camps, Corporate Events, Private Parties]

  • Jane's critically acclaimed debut album Uh Oh, There's Something Underneath My Bed (in libraries nationwide) sent ahead of time that features some of the songs that will be performed.

  • a coloring worksheet of one of Jane's puppet friends


Groups under 25 get to meet the puppets up close!

Groups under 25 get to meet the puppets up close!

1.  Classic Show

Jane performs a 45 to 50 minute bonanza of catchy music, talking-singing-muppet-style puppets, and interactive activities to keep children engaged and entertained for the entire show.  This show includes:

  • Wide variety of lovable, funny puppets- Jane makes all the voices!

  • Colorful puppet theater with big windows, sound system with headset mic

  • Dancing and sing-alongs to classic children's songs for groups of very young children(Old MacDonald, If You're Happy and You Know It, etc.)

  • Fun, interactive dancing and movement:  Groups of younger kids love the Hokey Pokey while the older kids try to outsmart the Count to 10 Freeze Dance

  • Listening to and helping Jane's puppets with their problems; being good friends!


For Schools, Libraries, Festivals, Camps, Corporate Events:

  • In brief humorous sketches before each song, Jane empowers the children to help the puppets deal with common issues such as shyness, peer-pressure, bullying, caring for nature and the environment, and respecting both the feelings of themselves and of others.

  • Many songs incorporate easy-to-follow movements and lyrics, allowing the children to be fully engaged with the show!

For Birthday Parties:

  • Birthday child (and any siblings) get special shout outs during the show and celebratory hugs and high fives from some of the puppets

  • Opportunities for each child to participate in the musical fun when Jane passes out maracas and later on hand puppets during special moments in the show.

  • Personalized lively song (including the birthday child's name) where the kids gather round flying finger butterfly and bat puppets (Great photo-op!)



Puppet Show - Jane Stratten and Her Fabulous Musical Puppets of New York City

2.  Circle Show (40 min.)

3.**Smaller Circle Show (30 min.)

These options work best for less than 15 kids and are catered to ages 1-5.  Similar to the Classic show in its interaction, but scaled down and less theatrical.  Both options include:

  • Sitting on the floor and performing next to the kids

  • Small panels to hide puppets instead of puppet theater.

  • Smaller speaker for recorded music.

  • Little maracas with ukulele accompaniment for children’s favorites (Wheels on the Bus, If You’re Happy and You Know it)

  • Small hand puppets for each child with ukulele accompaniment during Old MacDonald

  • Movement includes dancing/bopping to the Hokey Pokey

**Smaller Circle Show does not include CD or coloring sheets

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