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Looking for the best kids puppet show Brooklyn has to offer?  Singer-Songwriter-Puppeteer Jane Stratten provides interactive kids puppet shows combining sing-along music and audience participation for one spectacular experience!  Jane customizes her thirty to fifty minute musical puppet shows to suit a wide variety of age groups and special celebrations.  From a two-year old Down on the Farm birthday show to a third grade At the Bottom of the Sea auditorium show, Jane reaches her audiences with aplomb!  New York entertainer Jane Stratten and her Fabulous Musical Puppets bring lively puppet show entertainment that delights kids and adults alike! 

Jane brings her portable show to wherever the event is!

"Mesmerizing" Kids Puppet Shows In Brooklyn


For the past twenty years, Jane Stratten has been a top-rated children’s entertainer in South Florida where she created, wrote and developed her celebrated shows.  Now a full time New Yorker and Brooklyn resident, Jane is fast becoming recognized as a top choice for festivals, schools, parties and camps.  Jane Stratten knows how to connect with children - make it fun!  Jane creates an exciting experience that is captivating, humorous, and as a Boston newspaper describes, "mesmerizing". 

Her talent is evident in her ability to both entertain and teach kids at the same time.  Jane captures the interests of children through her kids’ puppet shows while incorporating messages of tolerance, respect, optimism, self-acceptance and caring for others.  

Discover the best kids puppet shows in Brooklyn, and introduce a compelling children's entertainer who is proven to provide an experience of both laughs and learning.

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Jane Stratten & Her Fabulous Musical Puppets!

Email:  jane@janestratten.com 

NY Line: 917.474.9364   |  Cell: 954.434.8883 

Top Brookyn Puppet Shows For Kids


Jane's incredible success at providing Brooklyn puppet shows for kids is the winning combination of lively music, lovable puppets, and hands-on puppet show activities.  Her energetic attitude and charismatic personality keeps kids involved and entertained throughout the entire show.  Jane has established a notable reputation in New York for kids puppet shows by inducing smiles in a number of ways, including:

  • Lots of music and rhythms
  • Big variety of colorful talking-singing puppets
  • Great positive and inspiring messages
  • Interaction & activities with the adorable puppets
  • Each audience member “gets it” on his/her own level- from the very young to the not-so-very-young :-)  


Bringing Kids Birthday Puppet Shows To Life

Bring amazing talent to any child celebration event or birthday party with a kids birthday puppet show by Jane Stratten.  Jane invites the children of Greater New York into her enchanted world populated by singing puppets with quirky senses of humor, and the children respond with tremendous excitement and affection. Liven the energy and excitement with the best interactive puppet shows NYC has to offer.  Jane Stratten's kids puppet shows are among the most respected kids party ideas in New York.  


Acclaimed Kids Puppet Shows NY

From the moment the puppet show begins, you will soon realize why so many schools, libraries, and camps hire Jane Stratten for entertainment.  Jane writes original, fun songs that contain positive messages of sharing, fairness, and just being silly.  Her internationally critically acclaimed album, Uh Oh, There’s Something Underneath My Bedis in libraries nationwide and available for purchase at iTunes. 


More About Jane & Her Kid Puppet Shows In Brooklyn

Jane Stratten is a graduate of Syracuse University and an accomplished musician who has performed as a cabaret singer and band leader.  Her widely celebrated bands Moxie and Satin Dolls performed nationwide and opened for acts including Richie Havens and The Pointer Sisters.  Jane's dad, beloved entertainer-musician-ventriloquist Bob Munstedt, paved the way with his hugely successful Boston based children's shows (Punch and Judy and Friends).  Her multi-talented daughters Merissa Morin and Chloe Morin are currently developing a web series based on their company and the hilarious antics that have ensued.

Learn More About 

Jane Stratten & Her Fabulous Musical Puppets!

Email:  jane@janestratten.com  

NY Line:  917.474.9364   |  Cell: 954.434.8883